10 Worst Foods You Can Eat (and they’re not the ones you think)

Do you think you eat healthy? You might be surprised after reading this. Here’s a list of some of the worst foods you can eat, and many of them are not the ones you think.

Foods that, until recently, we thought were healthy. But in fact, they’re closely related to obesity and different types of cancer.

worst foods you can eat

Never trust diet foods. First of all, they’re processed foods, which should already make you suspicious. Low-fat sauces, cookies, chips or ice creams are actually deadly. They might contain less fats, but they have many other ingredients which are dangerous for you.

Usually they’re full of artificial substances to add flavour or colour. If you want to go healthy, always choose fresh foods instead of processed low-fat-ones.

worst foods you can eat

Do you still think that fruit juices are as healthy as fruit? Sorry to tell you this, but you’re wrong. We absorb much less fiber from fruit juices than from real fruit, to begin with.

Plus, we absorb a lot more fructose. Our body later turns that fructose into sugar, associated with diseases such as overweight and diabetes. Of course, natural fruit juices are a better option than processed smoothies.

But remember, they’re still one of the words foods you can eat.

Protein shakes might be one of the worst foods you can eat. Any food which tries to “replace” good things like protein o carbs that come in real, fresh food should scare you.

If you’re in need of proteins, get them from real food. It’s not only meat. Many vegetables have a good amount of protein too. Shakes have many other ingredients which are anything but good for you.

Do you really think powdered shakes can be healthy? Remember what we said: anything fresh will always be better than processed foods.

Ok, this one’s a classic. You might have been surprised with the juices or low-fat products, but soda? Everyone knows it’s one of the unhealthiest products in the supermarket.

Drinking soda, even if it’s just one every now and then, makes it easier for you to suffer all sort of diseases. From diabetes to obesity to cancer. Soda is terrible for your stomach and pancreas, liver and heart.

Soda has all sorts of artificial additives to enhance its taste, colour or smell. Plus, enormous amounts of sugar. Oh, and the same goes for diet soda, sorry guys.

worst foods you can eat

For years, we thought that having some cereals for breakfast was a healthy option. But, according to recent studies, we’ve been fooled all this time. Cereals are full of refined sugars, artificial additives and carbs.

Of course, the sugary ones are the worst option. But never trust “healthy” cereals either. If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, go for oatmeal and fruit instead.

worst foods you can eat

You have a craving for something sweet, but you’re trying to live a healthy life. So instead of some chocolate, you go for dried frutis.
Is it a good option? Not so much.

What you thought was a healthy snack has in fact a lot of sugar and sulfites. And that doesn’t sound as healthy, does it? What’s more, dried fruits are not necessarily low calories. That’s also because most of them are coated in vegetable oils such as palm oil.

Some dairy products may be healthy as long as we consume them moderately. But we must be careful, because they have high amounts of saturated fats, which pose a danger to our cardiovascular health.

There’s no need to panic. We can drink some milk with our coffee every day (better if it’s not skimmed). And cheese is delicious every now and then. But forget about eating dairy products on a regular basis if you worry about your health.

Is fish healthy? Certainly, much better than many other foods and necessary for a complete, balanced diet. Life expectancy is longer in Japan than anywhere else in the world. And fish consumption there is much higher than in other countries.

Are these two facts related? According to studies, they are. A healthy diet is one of the most important factors related to life expentancy. You must eat fish, but it can also be dangerous.

Some fish contain high levels of mercury and other toxins, which can be bad for our brain and especially dangerous for pregnant women. Tuna, swordfish, salmon or shark are some of the worst fishes when it comes to this.

Sometimes, processed meats contain hundred of ingredients except real meat. Colon cancer is one of the biggest risks you run from eating procesed meats. Sausages or cold meats like bacon, ham or salami have carcinogens and many synthetic preservatives.

Health associations have been telling us to reduce our consumption of processed meats to less than 20 grams per day. And now you know why.

worst foods you can eat

We’ve chosen french fries, but in fact any deep-fried foods are deadly. Frying at very high temperatures makes this foods release toxic substances which are closely related to all sorts of cancer.

We don’t just mean digestive cancers. For example, if you think prostate cancer has nothing to do with fried food, you’re wrong. At least that’s what some studies show.

Oh, and by the way, these foods also cause stress.

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