12 Etiquette Rules

Being polite is a trait that is always going to make you a good person, appreciated in every social circle, and will leave an impression that you are a well-behaved person with correct attitudes. So, the good manners never go out of style, which means that you should try focusing on proper vocabulary, courtesy, clean and neat appearance, and restrained emotions.

In case you would like to become a person with good manners, you need to read the following 12 etiquette rules:

  1. Never stare at the people, and don’t talk or laugh loudly.
  2. Regardless of your age, status, or profession, you must greet all the people in a room when you enter.
  3. You should not invite a person to go out with you if you spend the night taking photos or texting.
  4. When the person in your company meets other people and greets them, you need to greet them as well, although you do not know them.
  5. Polite men equally respect all the women.
  6. In case you are the only one who follows a trend, although it looks good others are going to find it ridiculous.
  7. Be extremely careful of the pedestrians while you’re driving.
  8. You must never make empty conversations over the phone, and in case you are with friends, answer only if it’s very important.
  9. Others are going to think you are bored or uninterested if you keep checking the phone in their company. Therefore, avoid scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, and dedicate yourself to the person who is with you.
  10. Ladies should not allow the men carry their bags, and the men should take their coats to the cloakroom.
  11. As a sign of appreciation, you need to thank people when they help you.
  12. Keep these 9 things to yourself: religion, age, disgrace, honor, wealth, affairs, gifts, medical problems, and family problems.

These rules could really improve your communication and social life, and although they are quite easy to follow, they can make a huge difference in the world that we live in.

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