5 Interesting Facts About Male Sexuality

What could be simpler than male sexuality? Contrary to women whose sex organs are hidden deep in the body, men have visible sex organs-their erection and ejaculation can even be observed with the naked eye.
Men talk about their sexuality without shyness. Moreover, sex is a favorite topic in male conversations. However, it turns out that the sexuality difference between men and women is even greater than we thought. What is the difference between male and female behavior? In this article, we want to show you five interesting facts you need to know about male sexual behavior. By reading these facts, you will have a better understanding of men. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this interesting article immediately.
Fact 1
Although most men like to talk about their sex organs admirably, after all, they know very little about their bodies and reactions. They prefer to explore the female body.
Fact 2
Men are attracted by what they see. This means that they prefer visual images, while women have a better sense of smell. This explains why men like to see women in sexy underwear.
Fact 3
Men need more time to recover their strength and desire after sexual intercourse. The older they are, the more time they will recover.
Fact 4
Men are not used to believing in their own feelings and feelings. Everyone needs objective evidence to prove that his bedridden is performing well.
This is why most men like to read articles about sex, such as “The top ten determinants of female orgasm.” When a woman tells him that she is a great sex partner, any man will climb to the top of the world.
Fact 5
Men can also pretend to have an orgasm. When they feel very tired and want to sleep, they tend to pretend to have an orgasm. It is very easy for a man to pretend to have an orgasm, especially if he uses a condom.