8 Simple Remedies To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Why do you have an ingrown hair? Perhaps you shaved your hairs too close which left the hair roots or hair follicles tilted at an angle, making the hair grown inwards. Else, the hair is just about capable of curling up naturally, it could have curled in very sharply and grown back to the follicles.

People with curly hair are more at risk of ingrown hairs generally . Whatever could also be the reason, you’re now left with a reddish and sore bump on your skin which hurts.

What are the ways to get rid of it and also prevent it from happening within the future?
Removing the hair
If you discover the hair has curled back to your skin, then you’d probably want to get it out. Firstly, place a warm washcloth soaked in predicament over the affected area for around five minutes.

This will soften the hair making it ready for the removal process. Once the hair has softened enough, gently pull the hair up using tweezers, and obtain the tip of the hair faraway from the skin, and trim it off using nail scissors.

Swap the shaver

If you’re someone who frequently deals with ingrown hairs, then the most culprit to your problem might be the shaver you’re using.

If you’re a daily user of electrical shaver, then attempt to shave with a blade. If you shave with a blade regularly, then attempt to swap it with an electrical shaver. On most occasions, this easy swap does the trick.

Stay away from an ultra-close shave

Many razors within the market today accompany a double, triple, and even quadruple blades that promises ultra-close shaves.

However, if you’ve got ingrown hairs problem, the simplest thanks to prevent it might be to avoid ultra-close shaves. attempt to use the quaint single-bladed razor.

While employing a single-bladed razor, attempt to replace your blades as often as necessary. this is often because if you retain using the old blades, the ingrown hairs can easily get infected make the matter much worse.

Always sterilize your blades by dipping it in lotion . confirm to rinse the alcohol before the shave because it can have a burning effect on the skin.

Prepare your hair before a shave

Dead cells sitting on top of your skin could block your hair follicles making the hair to grow inwards. to stop this from happening, rub the world with a dry loofah or washcloth before a shave.

This will brush away the dead skin cells and also lift the hair faraway from the follicles effectively preventing ingrown hairs.

Shave it down, not up

Whenever you shave your hair, make it a rule to shave it within the downward motion. Most men especially while shaving their neck area they have a tendency to shave it upwards. This must be avoided. Also, women should follow an equivalent policy while shaving their legs and bikini area.

Although this motion doesn’t give the closest shave, it’ll effectively prevent the hair follicles from tilting at an angle, and stop the hair from growing inwards.

Also, don’t achieve the skin while shaving, this may make the hairs to protrude slightly, and once you relax the skin, the remaining hair can easily get into your skin surface.

Waxing doesn’t help

While waxing is one among the simplest ways for girls to get rid of the surplus hair, it’s not the simplest thanks to set about once you are problems with ingrown hairs.

If you’re someone handling this problem on a daily basis, then waxing can make it worse. After a waxing session, your hairs are presumably to grow at an angle, increasing your risk.

Ways to scale back inflammation

Ingrown hairs can make the affected place inflamed and bumpy. so as to scale back the inflammation, you’ll make use of over the counter options.

You can apply a cream that contains hydrocortisone. Follow the instructions on the label for application.

You can also apply a cream that contains peroxide , this ingredient helps to attenuate hair bumps.

Lotions that contain Alpha-hydroxy acids help to attenuate the amount of hairs that are trapped under your skin surface.

Do note that Alpha-hydroxy lotions are often irritating for a few . to form sure your skin adapts thereto , attempt to apply it every other night and check if you’ll tolerate it.

Try Alternatives

Close shaves will always increase your probability of ingrown hairs. So, it’s better to offer up the thought to scale back your risks.

There are many modern available now that helps to get rid of the hairs safely and more gently. Some women prefer using depilatory lotion. There are many similar products available now for men also .

No matter what product you employ , don’t use it for quite twice every week , as these products can irritate the skin on frequent use.